MONILOG® RISK LOGGER for the monitoring of risk situations.

About Company:

Transport, storage, rough and remote conditions – in situations like these, your sensitive products or systems are exposed to special risks. MONILOG® RISK LOGGERS measure, signal and record the external influences which pose a serious situational risk to the value and functionality of your goods. We are experts in development, manufacturing and full service of electronic assembly and devices. With functional, material, process and test-compliant methods, we bring your sophisticated electronics product into reliable production. With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and full-service we provide necessary support to take you into the market.
  1. EMS Dienstleistung,

  2. Data-Logger, Preflight, and inclination data logger

  3. Transportdatenlogger, Shockrecorder,

  4. Datenlogger, Elektronikbaugruppen, Bestückung, EMS,