About Company:

SOLAR Advancement and Sustainability - Increasingly, society is considering how to balance the use of resources to sustain and improve the quality of life worldwide. This includes understanding the coupling of the nexus of food, energy, and water systems as well as understanding and designing for the life cycles of everything from computers to buildings. The role of renewable energy and sustainable living is important in making this vision come true. CFE INDUSTRIES LLC's LANDOWNERS AND DEVELOPERS' dedication to increasing America's use of SOLAR, WIND, THERMAL Clean Renewable Energy. 100s of ACRES OF LAND FOR SALE/LEASE/HUNTING/UTILITY SCALE CLEAN ENERGY MEGAWATT. We have a diverse portfolio in Real Estate, expanding from the East to the West Coast in the U.S.A. Our properties are Commercial, Residential, and Industrial. We take pride in building properties in a diverse set of communities, low and high-end, waterfront, rural, and urban. We are dedicated to Economic Development, assisting in rebuilding neighborhoods, communities, creating affordable housing, renovating retail businesses, and multi-housing structures that are sustainable reaching net-zero goals reducing carbon emissions. We are invested in many lucrative Real Estate Ventures and SOLAR Clean Renewal Energy projects in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.