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About Company:

HOKUYO, founded in Osaka, Japan in 1946, developed and continues to offer some of the original automation technology with products such as counters, photoelectric sensors and Automatic doors for a wide range of factory automation systems and various production processes. For many years we have been developing several types of products for factory automation that include high-accuracy CCD sensors and optical data transmission devices and maintain an outstanding reputation for our creativity and performance with customers. HOKUYO products are integrated into many industrial sectors such as textiles, electric wire, iron & steel, transportation systems, mounting machines, semiconductor and LCD facilities. They have contributed to the growth and development of these industries. With the fast-paced changes in information technology, industrial globalization and despite the environmental and safety uncertainties we face in the world today, Hokuyo will adapt and continue to thrive as a leader and continue to pursue its growth with great efficiency. As a pioneer of automation technology, Hokuyo will be sensitive and proactive to the needs of customers and pursue the challenges ahead to offer the best product solutions in the future. Hokuyo looks forward to your continued business in the future.
  1. Scanning Rangefinder

  2. Photoelectric Switch

  3. Sensor for Textile Industry

  4. Sensor for Iron & Steel Industry

  5. Optical Data Transmission Device

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    Safety Laser Scanners
    2 Devices
    Detection and distance measurement
    1 Device