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L.A. Turbine

Rethinking Turboexpanders

Santa Clarita, California, United States
https://www.laturbine.com[email protected]+18553988726

About Company:

L.A. Turbine (LAT) designs and manufactures application-specific turboexpander equipment used in hydrocarbon processing, geothermal power generation, industrial gas, power-recovery, and refrigeration applications. The company also provides comprehensive aftermarket support including turboexpander repair, redesign/overhaul, maintenance, and spare part production services for all non-LAT makes and models of turboexpanders installed worldwide. A global FX-TURBO field service team provides consulting, commissioning, maintenance and emergency support 24/7/365. World headquarters are in Valencia, California with additional sales and service support located in Houston. A European service facility is in Liege, Belgium. Globally, the company serves customers on six continents through an extensive network of partners and agents.
  1. Turboexpanders

  2. Oil and Gas

  3. Geothermal

  4. Energy Recovery

  5. Power Generation

Categories of Products Manufactured by L.A. Turbine:

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    Turbo Expanders
    16 Devices
    Turboexpander Generator
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    Turboexpander Compressor
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