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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Carnes-Miller Gear Co., Inc.

North Carolina, United States

About Company:

Since 1973 Carnes-Miller Gear has evolved to meet the changing needs of the gear industry and to deliver ever increasing value-added service to its customers. From our initial focus on gear shaping and hobbing operations, we have grown into a complete job shop operation, fully self-reliant in gear blanking, milling, grinding, and broaching. This comprehensive approach allows Carnes-Miller Gear to offer our customers greater control, reasonable pricing and improved delivery. While we continue to grow, our primary focus has not changed: To provide the finest, most comprehensive gear and gear assembly service available. We do this through the synergy of skilled and experienced personnel, state-of-the-art machine tools, and proven processes.
  1. Gears (Helical, Spur, Worm, and Splines)

  2. Gear Grinding

  3. Cut Teeth

  4. Machining

  5. Quality Control