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Turbine Overhaul Performance Specialists

TOPS Field Services - 1,200+ field outages on GT, ST, Gen, and other rotating industrial equipment

About Company:

www.turbineops.com Turbine Overhaul Performance Specialist (TOPS) provides gas and steam turbine overhaul services. TOPS provides engineering, project management, parts repair, and a variety of labor including: millwright, safety, welders, technicians, and FME. TOPS goal is to provide the best turbine maintenance and outage services nationwide. Whether you are an Independent Power Producer, Municipality, Electric Co-Op, Refinery, compressor station, or Chemical Plant. www.turbineops.com Over 1,200 maintenance projects completed thus far!
  1. Borescope, Machinery diagnostics, Vibration Analysis, Balancing

  2. Minor, Medium, Major inspections on ST from most Manufacturers

  3. Generator mechanical open/close for minor/medium/major inspections

  4. Engineering services, incl. third party oversight & parts witnessing

  5. BOP Millwright services (small motors, valves, pumps, etc..)