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RF Valves, Inc.

Manufacturer, Service Provider


RF Valves, Inc.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States


Founded in 1993 in Maryland and Finland, RF VALVES, INC. was built on an idea for a better pinch valve. Two entrepreneurs – Esko Riikonen and Eric Feldmann - patented an innovative expansion fold elastomer tube that lasts 2 to 4 times longer than traditional tubes and a pinch valve design that allows for in-line tube replacement, cutting maintenance time by 75%. Engineers in a wide range of industries were thrilled with the valve’s performance, and still are today. As a result, RF VALVES grew to dominate the American, Asian, and European pinch valve markets. But there was still more to come: In 2010, RF VALVES united with AVENG, and its expertise in steel, engineering, manufacturing, mining, public infrastructure, and water treatment allowed RF VALVES to expand its product line to include air release and vacuum preventing valves (Vent-O-Mat) and knife gate valves (RF-SKG and RF-Insamcor). This partnership gave RF VALVES the backing of a major corporation while allowing the company to expand into African and Australian markets. The international reach of RF VALVES today offers good news to customers from all corners of the globe; the company caters to operations both big and small, from massive industrial mines to modest mom-and-pop mills. Now wherever you are in the world, RF VALVES is able to provide the best engineered solution for your most demanding needs– fast!