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Espeland Energi AS

Technical service provider for on- and offshore Wind Industry.

About Company:

Espeland Energi AS is situated in Egersund, in the hearth of the wind business in South-West Norway. Together with our Lithuanian partner Gridinta, we are providing maintenance, inspection, and installation services for the wind industry, both on- and offshore. Our goal is to provide wind farms with high quality maintenance work, this is to ensure that the wind turbines are functioning at highest capacity throughout their life span. Our technicians are versatile and capable of doing other maintenance and construction work that is not directly related to just wind turbine repairs. Meaning we can put them to other operations if the weather is not good enough for maintenance and repair of wind turbines. This way, our customers can reduce waiting fees.
  1. We can provide most maintenance work on wind turbines, this includes tightening of bolts, wing repairs, rust removal, washing, painting and grinding.

  2. We provide inspections on wind turbines, this includes visual inspection, inspection of wing interior, fire safety inspections, equipment test and more.

  3. We offer:Ground Support, Fall protection of any equipment or personnel, Scaling, Active slope stabilization

Services by Espeland Energi AS: