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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Cestari Industrial e Comercial S.A.

Robustness and Efficiency for the most severe applications

About Company:

WEG-CESTARI is a company of Brazilian origin, born from the joint venture between WEG and CESTARI held in 2012, with the objective of offering the market the best solutions in industrial drives. Its headquarters, located in Monte Alto-SP, houses the administrative area and the industrial park, which has modern equipment of the latest generation and the SERVICE area exclusively dedicated to the provision of services in reducers and gearmotors throughout Brazil. The development of products focused on the real needs of customers, results in a high degree of satisfaction due to the versatility, reliability and durability confirmed in the most severe applications. WEG-CESTARI is able to produce parts in nodular and gray cast iron, aluminum and bronze as well as perform heat and surface treatments, in addition to all machining processes, including gear grinding on CNC machines with DNC monitoring. For the perfect monitoring and control of these process phases, it has a laboratory for the analysis of constituents through spectrometry, metallographic analysis and mechanical and non-destructive tests.
  1. Reducers

  2. Couplings

  3. Dedicated Projects (Cooling tower, Irrigation, Extruder)