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Chongqing IIYOU Industries Co., Ltd.

About Company:

Sino-Italian joint venture: In 2006, the Italian Whitaker Company and Chongqing Sri Tac Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. were established as a joint venture; Italy Whitek Company: Established in Bologna, Italy in 1996, it mainly produces automotive gears, spiral bevel gears and reduction box assemblies; Chongqing Sri Tac Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.: A distribution company established by Whiteke to expand its business in China; In the early stage, the company mainly exported automobile gears and differential assemblies, and its main customers include BMW, Jeep, ZF, Doosan, Qige, etc.; at the same time, it also engages in reducer gears, supporting foreign reducer manufacturers; In 2012, the company established the auto parts division and the reducer division, and officially entered the production of the reducer. The company's reducer division now has Chongqing Wansheng Assembly Base and Anhui Lu'an Assembly Base
  1. Automotive gear parts

  2. Four series of reducers

  3. Cycloidal reducer

  4. Non-standard gearbox

  5. Four series reducer gear accessories