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Cixi Feiteng Motor Co., which actively developed since the establishment of small motors and gear research, and in the meantime uphold customer-oriented concept of quality first as the driving force, and constantly improve the intentions of the expansion of various technologies, learn from the industry's small motors and the essence of the gearhead, expand the product portfolio in line with industry expectations of the series, we began to reform the product market demand, we insist on quality from the customer support. We will continue to soar upward in technology constantly, constantly on the commodity pluralistic expansion, depending on the mission for the best market feedback. The current products are: induction motor, stepper motor, reversible motors, brake motors, variable speed motors, brake motor speed, torque motors, DC brush motors, brushless DC motors, bevel helical geared motors and speed controllers; widely It applied to machine tools, textile machinery, transportation machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, vending machine, installed plastic, computerized flat knitting machines, automatic table, office equipment, medical equipment, solar power and other inductive fields. To create a first-class transmission products, the introduction of advanced equipment, such as multi-axis linkage machining center, CNC efficient roll gear, gear measurement center and other advanced equipment, and fully guarantee the gear machining accuracy. The pursuit of excellence, reputation-based, total customer growth is the purpose of our development. Sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, scientific management and modern means of detection, dedication and sincere cooperation with the new and old customers and overseas customers, and seek common development!
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