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SIM Engineering

Pulsation & Vibration control

About Company:

SIM Engineering is an office of acoustic and vibratory studies involved in many sectors such as industry, energy, building, architecture, environment, wind turbines. Our studies have as main objective: the reduction of the noise nuisances and the protection of the staff, the acoustic and vibratory comfort, the control of the vibrations and the mechanical resistance of various processes and industrial machines (studies of flexibility and dilation). Piping Systems Flexibility Analysis, AIV FIV Analysis (Acoustical Induced Vibration & Flow Induced Vibration), Acoustic and Fluid Flow Design of Combustion Engine Silencers, Mechanical Design of Combustion Engine Exhaust Line
  1. SIM Engineering also develops its own acoustic and vibratory monitoring stations, mainly used by the industrial and building sectors.

  2. our company has an acoustic and vibratory testing laboratory to work on many innovative projects and to validate various equipment and products.

  3. Since 1996 we rely on our expertise in acoustics, vibration and on the personalized accompaniment of our 25 engineers, acousticians and technicians to respond optimally to the requests of our customers.