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Octo Solutions Technologies Co.

Sustainability solutions, real-time infrastructure technologies for data management and analysis.

About Company:

Octo Solutions, a regional organization and specialized in Real-time Infrastructure solutions and ‎manufacturing systems, on-demand custom applications for different industrial sectors and critical ‎facilities. Octo Solutions provides the most complete and accurate information, making it easy for ‎users of the team to access, share, act on important tasks in real-time. Stopping forecasting & ‎improving decision-making while also driving revenue, decreasing costs and meeting compliance.‎
  1. Industrial Data & Operations Analytics

  2. Real-time & permanent Fiber-Optic Sensing Detection and ‎Monitoring Solution‎

  3. Real-time Endpoints Monitoring and Analytics Solution

  4. IT support services

  5. Laboratory Enterprise Platform Solution ‎

Services by Octo Solutions Technologies Co.: