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Chin Tairy/ Yu Cheng Power Co Ltd.

About Company:

Chin Tairy Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Yu Cheng Power Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of power supply installations, moreover, with about 20 years' professional technology experience, mainly supplies professional facilities such as automatic voltage regulator, various transformers and UPS, etc… , and has been certified by ISO-9001 and CE. With the manufacturing experience of so many years, to provide high quality products and full after sales service has always been the goal of Chin Tairy / Yu Cheng, in addition to being aggressively dedicating to development and design, also constantly introduce into new technologies and parts from Europe, USA and Japan in order to enhance technology dimension. Chin Tairy / Yu Cheng looks forward to become a company capable of performing self research and development, mass production, and marketing systematically, which is applied as success benchmarking , thus to contribute on promoting our domestic economy.
  1. On-machine Type Stabilizer

  2. Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR,Stabilizer)

  3. Induction Voltage Regulator (IVR,Stabilizer)

  4. Oil Mist Collector With Air Cleaner

  5. Power Diagnostic Monitor - For Equipment & Machinery

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    Voltage Regulators
    14 Devices
    Dry type
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    Oil immersed
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