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Columbia Gear Corp.

About Company:

Columbia Gear is a full service, precision machining company, specializing in custom gear manufacturing. What does it take to satisfy the custom precision gearing needs of some of the world’s largest OEMs? Columbia Gear answers that question with fully integrated services, cutting-edge production, superior information technology, and large-scale production capacity. Equally important is our commitment to innovation in everything we do — seeking out new answers and continually adapting to today’s customer challenges. We accomplish this by continually analyzing manufacturing processes, building upon proven design solutions, streamlining production and assembly schedules — taking ground gearing quality to higher levels. Our two state-of-the-art plants encompass more than 235,000 square feet and are conveniently located adjacent to Interstate 94 in Central Minnesota.
  1. Precision Gear Manufacturing

  2. Specialized Machining

  3. Design Assistance

  4. Automation

  5. Assembly