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Gryphon Oilfield Solutions

About Company:

Gryphon Oilfield Solutions is a global Completions and Casing equipment oilfield service company based in Houston, TX. Our field service departments consist of highly experienced tool technicians, supported by the sales and technical services groups to ensure that all jobs go right, even when presented with the unexpected challenges in the oilfield.
  1. Ball Drop Sleeve System

  2. Coiled Tubing

  3. Toe Initiation Solutions

Categories of Products Manufactured by Gryphon Oilfield Solutions:

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    Cement Plug
    3 Devices
    Float Collar/Float Shoe/Guide Shoe
    4 Devices
    Outer Casing Packer
    3 Devices
    Bridge Plug/Cement Retainer
    10 Devices
    Anchor catcher
    3 Devices
    Mechanical Packer
    6 Devices