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Cotta Transmission Co. LLC

Cotta. It’s Your Gearbox.

Beloit, Wisconsin, United States[email protected]+16083685600

About Company:

For more than a century, Cotta has been a leader and driving force in transmission gearboxes. Back in 1906, engineer Charles Cotta introduced his breakthrough constant-mesh shifting transmissions, and soon became a key supplier to the automobile and truck industries. In the 1940’s, Cotta shifted our focus to industrial products and off-highway / construction specialty vehicles and, in 1960, we added a line of high-speed transmissions. Over the past 50 years, Cotta has diversified into offering other products including speed reducers, speed increasers, hydraulic pumps pump drives and split-shaft PTO’s. Bringing us to today, as Cotta has become the premier, trusted and leading manufacturer of top-quality, precision-engineered transmission products for a wide range of specialized mobile and stationary applications, such as vocational trucks, defense, off-highway, aerospace, heavy industry, well-drilling, mining, marine and more.
  1. Speed Reducers & Speed Increasers

  2. High-Speed Gearboxes

  3. Transfer Cases

  4. Pump Drives

  5. Custom-Build Solutions