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Power Transmission Solutions

About Company:

At Cross+Morse we aim to fulfil all industry demands, from the simplest to the highest level of precision required. Our objective is to offer a complete solution - not just products - to your power transmission challenges. Roller chains in British and ANSI standards in simplex and multistrand versions, from 6mm to 21/2” pitch. A complete stock line of sprocket s and platewheels to compliment our roller chains, both for British standard and ANSI, including taper lock sprockets, simplex, duplex and triplex sprockets, double simplex and idler sprockets. A full range of taper lock bushes, weld-on hubs, linear and rotary tensioners complement the range.
  1. Gears

  2. Timing Belt Drives and Inverted Tooth Drives

  3. Torque Limiters

  4. Shaft Couplings

  5. Bearings and Clutches