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Manufacturer, Service Provider

WM. L. Riggs Company, Inc.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

About Company:

Manufacturer and distributor of industrial measuring devices including measuring equipment, gauge fixtures and components. Measuring devices such as flange spreaders, gauges, thread gauges, precision tools, precision measuring tools, torque wrenches and calibration systems are available. Types of flange spreaders include mechanical flange spreaders, pipe flange spreaders and wedge flange spreaders. Gauge fixtures and components such as bases, stands, supports, platens, platen assemblies, indicator support brackets, V-block fixtures, flat-V fixtures, angle fixtures, parallel fixtures, groove bars, ground guide bars, ground guide stops, contact points, adapters, spring retainer assemblies, contact hooks and mounting indicator brackets are available. Calibration and repair services are available. Markets served include refineries, food processing plants, chemical plants, hospitals, ships and utility companies. Made in the USA.