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Worldware Enterprises Ltd.


About Company:

ISO 9002 certified manufacturer & designer of biodegradable cleaning products & chemicals including degreasers & cleaners, graffiti cleaners & removers, containment systems, industrial degreasers, absorbents, bioremediation products & supplies, floor cleaners & drain openers. Other products available include upholstery cleaners & deodorizers, metal cleaning chemicals, equipment degreasers & biochemical cleaners. Biodegradable cleaning products & chemicals include non-pathogenic & waste degrading microflora that decompose organic greases, oils & buildup in drains, eliminates odor & deep cleans surfaces. Bioremediation products are used in clean-up of polluted sludge lagoons, wetland spills, fuel spills at air ports & tank farm spills. Containment systems are used for capture & containment of fluids. Cleaning products & chemicals are used in restaurant, institutional, food processing plant or factory floors, industrial, farm, household, academic & office.