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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Young Industries, Inc.

About Company:

Manufacturer Of A Complete Line Of Dry Bulk Material Handling Equipment For The Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Ceramic, Plastic, Pigments, Catalyst, Rubber, Paint, Dairy, & Other Processing Industries; Airlocks, Attrition Mills, Baghouses, Bins, Blenders, Dust Control Stations, Chutes, Clamps, Connectors, Intermediate Bulk Contatiner Handling Equipment, Mechanical Conveyors, Portable Conveyors, Couplings, Dryers, Dumpers, Dust Collectors, Cyclone Collectors, Eductors, Centrifugal Blowers, Filters, Flange Fittings, Grinders, Hoppers, Loaders, Mills, Mixers: Horizontal, Ribbon, Paddle, Jacketed; Pneumatic Tube Systems, Pollution Control Equipment, Sifters, Tanks, Diverter Valves