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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Zebra Skimmers Corp.

Solon, Ohio, United States

About Company:

Manufacturer of coolant maintenance equipment including water hardness testing sticks, pH test strips, refractometers, venturi mixers, positive displacement proportioning pumps, tramp oil skimmers, tramp oil coalescers, gravity separators, aerators, circulation pumps & odor control tablets. Vacuums for sump cleaning & particle filtration, & evaporators for wastewater control are also available. Mechanical oil skimmers include belt skimmers, disk skimmers & tube skimmers. Zebra® ADAPT, Diverter, Fill-Station, Fine Stopper, Hammerhead, Lockjaw, Muscle, Oil Wand, Oxygenator, Sidewinder, Sideways Skimmer, Sierra, Snapdragon, Sumpster, & ZVac are all trademarks of Zebra Skimmers Corp.