About Company:

KM INDUSTRY s.r.o. belongs to reliable business partners and suppliers of energy and related services in the energy sector. We have built a unified cooperation with our business partners on a professional and professional level. We design and implement the most suitable technical and business solutions that bring us satisfaction and success with our clients. Our activity is not only the sale of energy, but also the care of the client. Our goal is to provide clients with support and services for their positive contribution and best use. The company's ambition is to continue the production and supply of highly efficient energy sources to current and new business partners, which are used for the production, supply and backup of electricity, heat and cold. The second priority is to become an important player in the European energy market and to be a stable supplier that provides a high level of uninterrupted supply of electricity and natural gas at the best prices.
  1. Gas and diesel generators

  2. Electricity and natural gas

  3. Natural gas storage facilities