Merrick & Company


About Company:

Merrick & Company is an employee-owned engineering, architecture, surveying, and geospatial firm, headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Sears Merrick, a former engineering professor at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, founded our company in 1955 in Denver. Our initial focus on structural engineering quickly expanded into power engineering, surveying and other types of engineering across Colorado. Though Merrick has grown to serve customers outside of Colorado, we haven’t outgrown our founder’s belief in the value of employee ownership: “If a man works for himself, he is much more committed.”
  1. Our diverse engineering experience, from planning and design to construction support, lets us find the right solution for your needs— whether the tried and true or the truly innovative.

  2. We are an industry leader in geospatial services, offering highly accurate remote sensing and mapping services.

  3. Merrick has planned and designed everything from technically sophisticated, high-containment laboratories and research facilities to government office buildings and private-sector industrial warehouse projects.

  4. Our team performs full surveying services in-house, from route and alignment surveys to boundary and cadastral surveys and from topographic surveys to ground control surveys for aerial mapping.

  5. Our design-build experts use current industry best practices and proven relationships with trusted contractors to deliver the right solutions to meet the owner’s needs on design-build projects.