AMTK Soluções em Energia Ltda

Minas Gerais, Minas Gerais, Brazil

About Company:

We started our operations in 2007, and with a trained team, we became a national reference in services and solutions for supervision, control and protection of electrical systems. Today, we have systems present in most electricity distribution companies in Brazil and companies that need high reliability in communication.
  1. SIEMENS RuggedCom Industrial communication equipment such as routers, switches, media converters, serial servers, red boxes and other equipment with SIEMENS RuggedCom quality.

  2. We work with the most modern when it comes to communication via satellite. ORBCOMM's product line brings effective solutions to your business.

  3. We work with industrial computing products, embedded computers, IoT, connectivity and other products for industry.

  4. A giant in the industrial market, we also offer a line of GE Grid products such as oscillographs, GPS, radio systems, among others.

  5. AMTK counts the AF2020 a powerful layer 7 firewall combined with robust hardware capable of guaranteeing the necessary security for your network.