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Forchtenberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany[email protected]+4979478280

About Company:

Welcome to the inventor of coaxial valve technology. Everything began with the world premiere in 1960 of the company's invention – the coaxial valve. This pioneering spirit has lived on until today in our company: With an acute inventor's mindset and a passion for innovation, custom solutions are constantly being created which are optimally tailored to the requirements of our customers.
  1. Inventor of coaxial valve technology | Performance | Aspiration | Trust | Pioneers forever!

  2. Solutions for Machine & plant construction | Marine | Energy | Oil & Gas

  3. Solutions for Aerospace | Chemicals Industry | Construction Industry & Transportation

  4. Product groups: Coaxial valves | Solenoid valves | Pneumatic valves | Cryogenic valves

  5. Product groups: High temperature valves | Certified valves | High pressure valves | Control vales | Manifold valves