About Company:

VRE Systems has over 40 years of experience providing products and services to the retail garden center, horticultural, greenhouse and agricultural industries. Whether you’re looking for retail and merchandising products for a garden center, heat, light deprivation and black out curtain systems to improve your greenhouses and growing operations, to transportation solutions for the horticultural and agricultural market – VRE Systems can help. We believe the difference is in the details. When you combine over 40 years of experience with the most trusted name in the industry, VRE products are built to last. Each product we manufacture here in Canada is purpose-built for the job it is meant to do, and to meet our customer’s needs. Our retail garden center carts and displays, and our greenhouse carts are all made of welded steel, and are then hot-dip galvanized to ensure they last, and that you get value for your money.