Kalliler Fasteners

High Quality Fasteners Manufacturing

About Company:

Located at Alınteri Avenue of Ostim in Ankara, Kaleliler is an industrial enterprise that has been producing for 21 years, that has been expanding as it produces, and that has been growing stronger as it expands... Established with elbow grease true to the name of its avenue in 1995, Kaleliler has started its production adventure with a team of five led by Mr. Kazım Kaleli... The production shop set up on a 30 square meters area that day has now become an industrial enterprise that keeps expanding with its specialized team of 118 members in an indoor facility area of 9 000 square meters. Having been specialized in the production of supply of fasteners, Kaleliler today is a suitably qualified solution partner not only in Turkey, but also in Europe thanks to its exports capacity.
  1. performing bolt production

  2. stud bolt and anchor bolt production

  3. nut and special fasteners production

  4. hot forging method with different steel and stainless steel raw materials and electro-galvanized coating