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Faber-Com srl

Since 1989, we are your partner in control solutions for mobile hydraulics

Reggio nell''Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
https://www.fabercom.it/en/[email protected]+390522960428

About Company:

Faber-Com srl is an Italian company specialized in the production and development of control solutions for mobile hydraulic machines. Our product range includes electronic joysticks, proportional regulators, inclination sensors, load moment limiters for cranes, forklifts and aerial platforms, electro-hydraulic actuators, servocontrols, CAN bus interfaces, radio remote controls, as well as integrated control systems.
  1. Electronics Engineering

  2. Electronics Manufacturing

  3. Electronics applied to oleohydraulics

  4. Control solutions for mobile hydraulics

Categories of Products Manufactured by Faber-Com srl:

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    Hydraulic Valves
    2 Devices
    Automation/Control System
    7 Devices
    Input devices
    3 Devices
    Solenoid Valve Controller
    5 Devices
    Inclination Sensors
    2 Devices