PTTX Wuxi Putian Iron Core

About Company:

PTTX Wuxi Putian Iron Core was established in 2004 as high-tech company for R&D, production and sale of cores for transformers ranging from 10kV to 1100kV. It supply own GOES with thickness 0.27 mm, 0.23mm and 0.20 mm PTTX is the publisher of the National Standard of China, for transformers core “GB-T 32288-2015 ”. PTTX runs a state-of-the-art plant 4.0 created with an investment of 60 million US$. PTTX enjoys ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 18001 certification.
  1. Transformer cores

  2. Cut Lamination

  3. Grain oriented Electrical Steel

  4. Silicon Steel

  5. Full width coils, slit coils