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DePe Gear Company Ltd

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Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom[email protected]+441782594114

About Company:

Gears, couplings and specialist gearboxes designed or manufactured by DePe Gear Company UK operate in all the major industrial economies of the world. DePe’s production and design engineers have many years of hands-on experience in gearbox design and gear-related applications. Adapting to each customer’s needs, project by project, DePe’s philosophy is to collaborate closely with clients from the feasibility and budgeting stage through design and manufacturing to final commissioning of their gears and gearboxes. DePe does not design speculatively or make for stock. 100% of DePe’s output is bespoke according to customer requirements, so clients are assured that they are getting the optimum solution for their particular application. DePe’s computerised gear inspection facilities include programs to facilitate reverse engineering. This enables DePe to manufacture or refurbish obsolete parts in applications ranging from vintage racing cars to current diesel and electric railway locomotives. DePe Gear Company Limited can grind gears up to 1250mm diameter and cut gears up to 2500mm diameter. Gear couplings can be manufactured to transmit up to 1,000,000 NM with misalignment angles of up to 5 degrees per gear mesh.
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