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Packo (a Verder company)

Packo (a Verder company)

We optimize your flow

Diksmuide, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


Starting in 1975, has designed and constructed stainless steel pumps for various industries with a focus on machine builders. Since this date, we have supplied more than 350,000 pumps and these for the most diverse applications.The first pumps that were developed by us were destined for the dairy industry, so from the outset hygiene and cleanability were a basic requirement for Packo pumps. The use of stainless steel and the standard applying of an electrochemical surface treatment (electropolishing), find their origin here. These are two factors that make Packo pumps stand out even today. Diversification and deepening of knowledge have led to Packo being a market leader in various sectors today. The production plant in Diksmuide is good for a workforce of over 130 employees and manufacturing over 10,000 pump units a year! The company as well as the Packo pumps department has a sustainable organic growth, which we owe to the high quality of products and service, and the will to keep improving constantly.
  1. The specialist in hygienic stainless steel pumps

  2. We aim not only to improve the flow in the pump but also the cleanability, reliability and energy efficiency

  3. The design, choice of materials, service, knowledge of the market and a high level of finishing make this difference

  4. Perfectly cleanable construction. Designed according to EHEDG and 3A certificate available for food pumps, pharmaceutical pumps and also for CIP return pumps.

  5. Standardized motor dimensions to IEC. Available in accordance with local motor laws