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Tolbert, Groningen, Netherlands The


Pomac Pumps, headquarted in Tolbert, the Netherlands, develops and manufactures a complete product range of hygienic pumps. These pumps are used worldwide in a variety of industries, including the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The Pomac organization is characterized by a strongly customer-oriented policy, flexibility, excellent service, and short delivery times.
  1. Centrifugal pumps, Lobe pumps, Truck pumps, Self-priming pumps, 1-Channel pumps

  2. Defoaming pumps, Liquid ring pumps, Flexible impeller pumps, Eccentric screw pumps

  3. Certificaten The Pomac hygienic lobe pumps (PLP) and centrifugal pumps (CPC) are tested and certificied by the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG) clean in place (CIP) protocol

  4. The EHEDG test proves that the pumps, including the mechanical seals are CIP cleanable.