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Power Services Group, Inc.


Power Services Group, Inc.

Turnkey Outage Services

Cape Coral, Florida, United States


PSG was founded on the combined legacies and experience of all of the Airco Inc. companies, Turbine Generator Maintenance, and Orbital Energy Services—all companies with a solid track record and reputation. PSG provides customers with broad maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) solution for all rotating equipment and other critical plant maintenance services. More specifically, PSG’s service offering includes field services, field machining, steam path repairs, valve repair, and parts manufacturing, generator inspection and repair, balance of plant maintenance, and specialty code welding. Industries served to include power generation (nuclear, fossil, hydroelectric, and wind), industrial, and petrochemical. PSG offers the marketplace a U.S.-owned turnkey service provider – completely unaffiliated with any OEMs. This independence from the OEMs allows us to provide customers with an unbiased opinion of their power plant needs – focusing on doing what is best for our customers.
  1. Craft Labor, Field Machining, Specialty Welding, Parts Manufacturing

  2. Generator Testing and Repair, Balance of Plant,

  3. Steam Turbines, Wind and Hyrdro Turbines, and Gas Turbines

  4. Component Repair, Valve Repair, Running Condition Assessments

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