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KLiUX Energies International Inc.

KLiUX Energies International Inc.

Distributed Energy Solutions

Chicago, Illinois, United States


KLiUX Energies is an emerging corporate-industrial group with a global presence in the Small Wind and Distributed Energy Solutions markets: Kliux manufactures and sells worldwide vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT), like their KLiUX Zebra 2-4kW, KLiUX Dragon 5-10kW, KLiUX Eagle 15-20kW, which can be integrated into a hybrid system with solar photo-voltaic and energy storage systems aimed to provide energy at the lowest possible cost (lowest LCOE) to private, industrial and institutional customers. KLiUX designs and builds ‘ad hoc’ Hybrid Solutions and Small micro power grids for self-power consumption in isolated (Off-Grid) areas or in areas connected to the grid network. KLiUX participates in the Third Industrial Revolution which will enable each person, consumer, and small and medium enterprises on the planet to finally take control of the future volatility in energy costs, and making them producers and consumers of their own energy. Always taking advantage of the available renewable energy sources right at the place where it will be consumed, otherwise known as Distributed Energy Generation. With over twenty years of global business experience, Iñaki and Juan José Eguizábal founded KLiUX Energies to market, distribute and install breakthrough proprietary technology solutions developed by its own internal R&D resources and in collaboration with other strategic external industrial and technological partners; over the past five years, the two founders of KLiUX have built and worked with several teams of specialized engineers and renewable energy experts. KLiUX also offers energy efficiency solutions and lighting solutions for Municipalities and private residential complexes. KLiUX has developed an important network of industrial and technological allies/strategic partners and collaborators, which include Bayer Material Science (Covestro), the University of La Rioja, University of Navarra (ceit-Tecnun), Advanticsys, ABB, Wittenstein, EMF, Click Renovables, among others.
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