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We are navigating the world’s transition to affordable, clean energy.

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Oceana Energy is a hardcore technology company that is all about bold thinking and innovation. We build marine turbines that generate electricity that people can afford. With our turbines, tidal energy developers can collect energy from Earth`s oceans and rivers, make a profit, and do it without the need for government subsidies. Instead of modifying atmospheric windmills to operate underwater, Oceana imagined a completely different architecture for collecting marine energy. To begin the design of our turbine, Oceana and U.S. Navy engineers modeled the shape of the outer surfaces of that architecture to collect the most energy from a given column of water. Once they achieved the optimum shape, they set about building the device using new materials and adjacent technologies. They tested prototypes until they had it: a unique, elegant, and robust marine turbine that will withstand harsh seas to generate affordable electricity for people all around the globe.
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