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Raymond J. Drago is Chief Engineer of Drive Systems Technology, Inc., a Mechanical Power Transmission Consulting Organization that he founded in 1976. Mr. Drago holds a Master of Structural Engineering degree from Drexel University (1980), a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree from The City University of New York (1967), a Master of Engineering degree from The Pennsylvania State University (1973), and is a registered Professional Engineer in the States of Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Software to help you calculate the power capacity of a gear mesh. PowerGear is a “superset” of AGMA Standard 2001 “Fundamental Rating Factors and Calculation Methods for Involute Spur and Helical Gear Teeth” that addresses all factors in the Standard with extended analysis capability to include both internal and external gears, EHD Film Thickness, tooth mesh kinematics, and more features beyond the basic gear rating formulas provided in the AGMA Standard. Gear Technology by Ray Drago of Drive Systems Technology, Inc. PowerGear’s capabilities. Computer Technology by Remco deJong. Student Version accompanies PC Applications in Parallel Axis Gear Design Seminar presented by Ray Drago in Milwaukee (follow mechanical engineering link)
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