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Manufacturer, Service Provider

Dunkermotoren USA Inc.

About Company:

Dunkermotor is the North American sales, technical support and logistics subsidiary of Dunkermotoren GmbH, for 60 years the global quality and value leader in customized, configurable sole-source fractional horsepower motion control solutions. At Dunkermotoren, research and development is a way of life. The company is actively committed to developing key technologies and products that are crucial for its growth. Next generation technology is in the R&D pipeline today. Product development is focused on innovations to help our customers create value and differentiate themselves from competitors.
  1. BG | EC Motors, GR/G | Brushed DC Motors, ST | Stepper Motors (MAE), and KD/DR | AC motors

  2. BGE | Controllers & Blowers (MAE)

  3. Brakes and Encoders

  4. D/DCD | Venetian blind drives & Linear Systems

  5. PLG/SG/STG | Gearboxes