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Electronic Machine Parts, LLC ("EMP") was established at the end of WWII by the owners of Federal Machine Works, Inc ("FMW"). During the war, FMW manufactured parts for Sperry Gyroscope, Fairchild Aircraft, and many other companies creating parts for defense. As the war ended so did the government contracts, and so FMW sought out new engineering products. Partnering with a local machine manufacturer, FMW designed an intermittent start and stop control system. EMP was setup as a separate entity to position itself in the control systems market for applications such as phase-shifting, timing and registration control. By the 1950s, EMP was already a presence at many of the packaging and printing trade shows we still attend today. By the early 1960s, EMP was regularly shipping units to Germany and the rest of the world. EMP has gone through several technological revolutions, but none as important as the development of Servo technology. An early adopter, EMP has thrived by engineering innovative yet simple-to-use systems that optimize the time and ability of operators. Our decades of experience in registration control translate into a dependable product that customers trust and rely on.
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