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WWS Wasserkraft GmbH & Co KG

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About Company:

Today many customers ask for whole solutions which transcend of delivery and assembly of turbines. Based on our many years` experience in the planning, establishment and operation of water power arrangements we offer you individual complete solutions of the project engineering up to conversion and the service. Our competence in the constructioning of water turbines stems from our experience in constructioning for 30 years. Our turbines are optimised to high efficiencies and long service lives. We rely on compact, easy to install and low-maintenance constructions. The high output in power always to the customers’ satisfaction.We offer all kinds of hydraulic turbines (Kaplan, Pelton, and Francis turbines). Along with the turbines we deliver all electro-mechanical equipment required.
  1. Turbine engineering, Kaplan Turbine, Pelton Turbine, Francis Turbine, WWS Powergate

  2. Hydraulic Steel Structures, Electric Control Systems

  3. Water to Water, Hydraulic Systems

  4. Service & Maintenance, Turbine Configurator

  5. Modernization & Revitization

Categories of Products Manufactured by WWS Wasserkraft GmbH & Co KG:

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    Francis Hydro Turbine
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    Kaplan Hydro Turbine
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    Pelton Hydro Turbine
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