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Red Valve Co. (Tideflex Technologies)

The Trusted Global Leader for Innovative Elastomers, Pinch Valves, Check Valves and Engineered Mixi

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States[email protected]+14122790044

About Company:

Since 1953, Red Valve has set the standard for solving the world’s toughest flow control challenges through unmatched elastomer design and manufacturing experience. Red Valve is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations with proven, creative, high-value solutions. Red Valve has a passion for innovation and creativity, with a wealth of patents and the best approaches developed for customers' needs. The people of Red Valve embrace this passion every day, providing reliable solutions to customers' most demanding challenges, wherever and whenever they are needed most. Tideflex® Technologies, a division of Red Valve, has become the world standard for maintenance-free backflow prevention, featuring: CheckMate® UltraFlexTM Inline Check Valves Tideflex® Check Valves Tideflex® Aeration and Mixing Systems Tideflex® Hydraulic Recirculation and Mixing Systems Tideflex® Potable Water Mixing Systems (TMS) Our Valves Manage the Toughest Flow Applications In: Wastewater Treatment Plants - Sludge Handling, Grit Removal, Raw Sewage, Lime, Carbon Slurry Power Plants - FGD Systems, Scrubber Systems, Coal Handling Mining - Tailings, Flotation Control, Thickener Underflow Lines, Numerous Other Slurry Applications Chemical Processes - Corrosive and Abrasive Materials, Powders, Pellets Many other industries, such as pulp and paper, electronics, food, cement, sand, glass and industrial treatment plants, present difficult challenges for which Red Valve products are ideally suited.
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  2. control pinch valves

  3. knife gate valves

  4. manual pinch valves

  5. air operated pinch valves

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