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Firma Martin N.V.

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About Company:

Today already it is sometimes very hard to find replacement parts for machines which have been built overseas, for machines which have reached a certain age, for unique parts which have been made in the beginning of the previous century, etc... Being a small foundry we believe that providing an economical solution for these unique parts, prototypes and small series is our mission. Designing or re-designing, casting and machining these replacement parts has become our job. We either start from scratch, from a drawing or from an existing part and make a perfectly working replacement part. Whatever the size of the part, whatever the size of the order! Besides the combination of above mentioned production possibilities we can either only design, only cast, only machine or do any combination of these possibilities and do all of this even for small quantities or unique parts.
  1. Designing

  2. Casting

  3. Machining

  4. Quality Control