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Tranter Inc

The Heat Transfer People

About Company:

Specialists In Heat Transfer. Tranter brings compact heat transfer solutions to customers worldwide, backed by local service coverage. Advanced plate heat exchangers spanning a wide product range offer proven performance in broad applications involving liquids, gases, steam and two-phase flows. Our newly developed welded Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger is improving operations in many duties formerly handled by shell & tube and welded block-type exchangers. A USA company with a worldwide view. Tranter has multiple operating units on all industrialized continents covering manufacturing, engineering, sales and service, with proven experience in most industrial markets.
  1. SUPERCHANGER® Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers

  2. PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchanger

  3. SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger

  4. MAXCHANGER® Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger, NOVUSBLOC™ Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

  5. Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts & Accessories

Categories of Products Manufactured by Tranter Inc:

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    Gasketed plate heat exchangers
    1 Device
    Other Heater & Heat Exchanger
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