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Flux Drive Inc.


About Company:

Founded in 2003, Flux Drive has focused its development effort on building an alternative to the electrical variable frequency drive (VFD). Specifically, the founders wanted to solve vibration and reduce the peripheral cost associated with the running and maintenance of adjustable speed drives that are used in the maritime environment today. The result of that effort is the Flux Drive soft-torque transfer technology. After several years of testing and optimizing the Flux Drive technology, the company has embarked on a path to manufacture and market the first of many products. Flux Drive has developed two product lines that offer industry the benefits associated with our soft-torque technology. The Flux Drive Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) is designed for variable speed applications while the Flux Drive Flexible Coupling line is designed for constant speed applications. Both the ASD and Coupling product lines can be installed inline between the motor and load or can be belt driven.
  1. Flux Drive SmartCOUPLING (FSC)

  2. Flux Drive Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD)

  3. Magnetic Couplings

  4. Magnetic Adjustable Speed Drives