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Force Control

Oil Shear Technology Makes the Difference!

About Company:

Force Control Industries, Inc. is a family owned company started in 1959 in New Castle, Indiana designing and manufacturing large oil shear products selling under the name of Positorq and PowrCon. In the late 1960’s the company, through new ownership and financial support, began on a journey designing and manufacturing new oil shear clutch and brake products and received patents on the Posidyne® clutch brake. New applications were serviced including the US Post Office, lumber, steel, concrete products, snow making machinery, manufacturing of appliances, glass, automotive, food processing and material handling. The development continues today with many improvements and upgrades, new products, and new industries. Throughout this time the goal was always to provide the industry the best, most effective product available for the application. Today there are 1000’s of Force Control products around the world running production 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance cost and very little downtime.
  1. Clutch Brakes

  2. Brakes

  3. Tension-Dyno Brakes

  4. Dynamometers