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Danstoker A/S

80 years experience, intensive product development and technical innovation

About Company:

Since the outset in 1935, Danstoker has developed into a company whose name is synonymous with high-performance boilers for the international energy sector. Domiciled in Denmark – a country renowned for its far-sighted energy policy – Danstoker’s own policy has been to constantly engage in intensive product development and constructive dialogue with the market players, i.e. combined efforts that have resulted in technical innovation and extensive experience.
  1. Oil and gas boilers, Biomass boilers

  2. Waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB)

  3. Exhaust gas boilers (CO-GEN), Electric boilers

  4. Absorption heat pumps and chillers, Water tube/panel wall boilers

  5. Ancillary equipment, After-sales service, Spare parts

Categories of Products Manufactured by Danstoker A/S:

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    Hot Water Boilers
    10 Devices
    Solid Fuel
    7 Devices
    Steam Boilers
    5 Devices