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Framo Morat Inc.

A long-standing process of progress

About Company:

Since the founding of Franz Morat GmbH in 1912, gear and drive engineering has been in a continuous state of development at the company’s headquarters in Eisenbach. Framo Morat, with subsidiaries in the United States, Turkey and Poland as well as a worldwide network of sales partners, is a globally operating manufacturer of high-quality drive solutions for many industries. Gear engineering is the core competency of Framo Morat. All of our manufacturing technologies that are crucial to quality are carried out in-house. Framo Morat is among the leading providers in Europe, particularly in the area of worm gear sets.
  1. Gear technology

  2. Worm Gear Sets, Planetary gears, and Hub gears

  3. Custom Engineered Drives

  4. Linear actuator Mini & PushPull chain LinearChain

  5. Slip-on geared motor Compacta