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Fusion Babbitting Co, Inc

About Company:

Fusion Babbitting Co., Inc. is a quality, service oriented company specializing in the rebuilding of babbitt-lined bearings. We are capable of rebuilding tilting pad thrust bearings, plain and insulated journal bearings. Our product size capabilities for centrifugal casting range from 2.0″ up to 72″ in O.D. diameter. usion uses the latest and most efficient equipment in the bearing rebuilding procedure. This equipment is operated by a staff of specialists with combined experience of over 40 years in bearing rebuilding. Our office and bearing rebuilding facility is conveniently located in central Milwaukee area with easy access from I-94 Interstate system.
  1. Repair, Rebabbitting & Rebuilds

  2. Centrifugal Casting & Rebabbitting

  3. Arc Flame Spray Application

  4. Manufacture of New Babbitt Bearings & Bearing Products and Accessories

  5. Reverse Engineering of Babbitt Bearings