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Zeco Di Zerbaro & Costa & C. S.r.l

About Company:

Zeco produces turbines for hydraulic power plants. From the production of hydraulic profiles to the fusions control, from the NC manufacturing to an accurate manual finish. Each phase is meticulously checked by quality control specialists. Zeco specializes in the production of different type of turbines: Pelton, Francis; Kaplan; Submerged Kaplan; Hydraulic screw, Cross-flow. Zeco develops and installs the whole power plant electric system. From the planning to the realization of the control- and protection system. From developing customized SCADA systems for an auxiliary remote power plant management, to the supply of low and medium voltage.
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Categories of Products Manufactured by Zeco Di Zerbaro & Costa & C. S.r.l:

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    Hydro Turbines
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    Francis Hydro Turbine
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    Kaplan Hydro Turbine
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    Pelton Hydro Turbine
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