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Industrial Jig & Fixture

Smarter Processes + Greater Efficiency = Less time to do the job & less cost for your time!

About Company:

Productivity in manufacturing means sourcing the best process for the job, not marking for inefficiencies in manufacturing to accomodate the bottom line of a supplier. CNC general machinery offer general solutions, but what if we were to employ specific machinery even to 'general' features to permit the most effective production of each? machining custom snowmobile sprocketsHole positions located on a machine engineered specifically to do so. Boring accomplished on a machine specific to quick, easy and effective size and finish over any other method. Angles, radii and complex geometery performed on machines specific to that job, and so forth? Such is the technique that must be employed to meet the demands of modern day industry. And it is through these processes that we found the principles of precision, performance, economy - through custom tailored, smarter processes that meet the demands of productivity and economy. Establishing processes and a machine shop that can offer dynamic, economic solutions without the waste in programming, re-tooling, long setup and less productivity in the cycle of general/CNC machines - and without the extreme overhead costs and machine time charges of 4-axis, 5-axis, HBM, ID grinders, EDM, HMC and automated work centers necessary to offer the unique capabilities, weight, rigidity, work-size capacity and in-cycle performance offered in the manually controlled - application specific machinery that we employ. Utilizing specialization without limitation means applying processes that are engineered for the job at hand. To do this, each operation and each task is unique. Generally speaking, here are the ways in which our approach stands in distinction with other methods and how we can offer solutions with greater economy and efficiency...
  1. Custom Machining

  2. Gears & Sprockets

  3. Ext. & Internal Splines

  4. Helical & Spiral Milling & Multi-Axis Milling

  5. Engraving & Duplicating